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Mini TV series about Madeleine Albright’s pins

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Last year, Diplomacy and Fashion collaborated with Events DC, the premier host of cultural events in Washington DC, on mini tv series about the role of diplomacy and fashion and gave first ever award to former US  Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.  


She was known worldwide for her wearing fashionable pins to convey political messages. 

This year, one of the film mini tv series about Madeleine Albright’s pins was nominated for
Emmy awards. I hope we’ll win. 

The film is available on


Diplomacy and Fashion Presents New Initiative:
3Fs: Food, Film and Fashion

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Fashion in the garden

Bold Looks by Petra Ptackova was on view in the garden of the Embassy of the Czech Republic Washington DC from September 29 to October 15, 2020. 

Diplomacy Nano Mask
Limited Edition | Free*

Wearing a face mask is protective, responsive, kind, stylish, and even a new diplomatic event. 

Made from cotton, the exterior of each mask is sprayed with a photo-catalytic nanotechnology coating based on non-toxic titanium dioxide (TiO2). This revolutionary innovative science makes sure that the mask treated with TiO2 nanocrystals' coating destroys and decomposes all bacteria and viruses that come into contact with its surface.

This face mask shouldn't be sterilized in boiling water. The mask disinfects itself automatically only with exposure to sunlight or any UV light which activates TiO2 (titanium dioxide molecules). Please note, once it is washed, the mask is reusable but it loses the coating effect of nano technology. 

This is NOT an N-95 mask, or surgical mask, nor is it for medical use. The use of this face covering is not a guarantee against infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases, and it SHOULD be used in addition to practicing CDC recommendations on hand washing and social distancing.

This is a personal use item and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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