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About us

The Diplomacy and Fashion's mission is to integrate the language of fashion into the message of diplomacy and vice versa. It helps to translate the language of diplomacy when spoken through fashion. The project is committed to raising awareness about why fashion matters in diplomacy via supporting emerging designers from different countries worldwide, especially the less obvious ones for the fashion world, and promoting sustainable fashion. In addition, the organization works closely with ambassadors and ambassadors' spouses on creating communities.

The Diplomacy and Fashion, founded by the Czech Ambassador's wife, Indira Gumarova, whose vision is to celebrate national and global cultures, brought diplomacy, fashion, history, and philanthropy together. After five years since establishing, it created an exclusive network emphasizing fashion in the vibrant center of world diplomacy in Washington, D.C. and other countries. ​

Among many initiatives, the exciting was the First Diplomacy and Fashion Gala on October 12, 2022, which celebrated designers worldwide who dress the First Ladies and Gentlemen of their countries. The second gala will take place in April 2024. Diplomacy and Fashion benefited Diplomacy through Fashion INC – our non-profit organization which provides scholarships to low-income students who wish to study diplomacy and fashion at home and abroad. 

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" Fashion is in itself a form of communication. It incorporates one’s culture, tradition, and heritage and offers the most bi-partisan approach across many layers of society.”

Indira Gumarova

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